God Downloads

When I get really quiet, usually early in the morning when I am having my coffee, I get what I call God Downloads – this is where I feel like God is speaking directly to me. These are the teachings, wisdom, and impressions that He shares with me, and I now share them with you.  They are messages of encouragement, hope and inspiration aimed at bravery, character and all things leadership. They are the leadership tools for everyday living.

When you read these, I encourage you to think about the message. Focus on:

What catches your attention,

What you can do,

What you need to change and

What speaks to your heart.

Below is a sampling of devotionals I have been working on for my book God Downloads (in progress). First you will read the God download (God’s message to me). This is followed by verses that link to the message. I’ve shared my thoughts about the message and verses with you in the Reflection. Finally, I have given you some questions to consider and think about how it applies to your life.

You are Blessed

God Download

You are blessed even though you may not see it, feel it, or hear it.

You know how much I love you. I chose you and set you aside for My purpose. Do not be deceived, your service and obedience to Me does not mean you will have a life of drudgery. You will have an amazing and abundant life

When you are in My will, you are blessed in all that you do. That does not mean you will be immune to hurt, pain, or trouble. I am right beside you and My blessings are at the end of your trial.

My blessings are more than pleasant words, they are real. You are blessed with everything that you put your hand to, you are blessed financially, spiritually, physically, mentally, and socially, but only when you obey and follow me.

Deuteronomy 28

Matthew 25:33-46

Matthew 7: 24-27


The toll this disaster took on me mentally and physically was unexpected. I came face-to-face with myself while cleaning up after the hurricane and found out what I was made of and what was my foundation built on.

I’ve always felt capable no matter what. However, when I walked into the house alone for the first time since we put up our walls, I was struck by how overwhelming everything was. Almost everything had been taken from us, and we were left to rebuild from the foundation. Thank God that the foundation had been strong and held during the hurricane.

As I sat on the floor, I wondered why some neighbors had been spared and others weren’t. I wondered why God didn’t redirect the hurricane path. I didn’t ask God because I knew it didn’t matter, I wouldn’t hear why, and I didn’t have the energy to be angry. All I could do was say “yet will I trust you,” over and over again.

I learned the importance of building a solid foundation in a way that couldn’t be more real. Whether the foundation is a house, your walk with God, your business or career, your character, etc., get it right and it will hold through what life throws at you.

God showed me He was real and practical. I experienced His love in a way that left me humbled and I knew I was loved and blessed. I thanked Him for:

  • A sister who helped with practical matter of finding tiles, cabinets, flooring for our house.
  • A daughter who helped find contractors and supported us with other practical matters so that we were able to get.
  • Great contractors.
  • My next-door neighbors who were God-in-the-flesh sent to support us. They stored some of our belongings for months before we could retrieve them. They gave us a table and some chairs to use. They fed and sheltered us while we rebuilt. They lent us cleaning materials and tools so that we could get our house in order. They were living examples of Matthew 29.
  • Other neighbors helped by doing laundry, providing us with furniture, and storing a few more of our belongings.
  • The means to rebuild, and where we could great deals.
  • Friends to help celebrate the wins.

So, when God reminded me that I am blessed, I cried tears of sadness and joy at the same time. I was overwhelmed by His love and how much He cared for me and the little things that mattered only to me.

Something to Think About…

How has God shown up during your storm? What are your blessings?

Have you been in a situation where you have had to come to terms with your own foundation? What is it made of?

What have you done to make your foundation strong so that you can rebuild after a storm?

Personal Reflection

What catches your attention:  How does this apply to your life? Look at other verses that apply to your life situation.

(Your journaling thoughts)

April 17, 2023

Photo by Liane Metzler on Unsplash

You Are Not Alone!

God Download

I want you to know that you are not alone. While the world around you looks bleak, take heart, you are not alone. I am right beside you, walking with you where you go. I see what you see; the devastation you face, and how lost, shocked, and alone you feel.

I will heal you and I will show you My presence in the midst of your pain. I will give you little winks and gifts to let you know I am with you.


  • Here is a gift you can touch, hold, and cherish,
  • A friend who meets a need that you shared with Me in your thoughts,
  • Over here is a stranger sent to meet your need,
  • My angels sent to watch over you.

These are not instances of luck; they are Me helping you and showing you that I am with you, and that you are not alone.

Joshua 1:5

No one will be able to stand against you all the days of your life. As I was with Moses, so I will be with you; I will never leave you nor forsake you.

Matthew 28:20

…and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age

Psalm 91:11

For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways

Joel 2:25

I will repay you for the years the locusts have eaten, the great locust and the young locust, the other locusts and the locust swarm my great army that I sent among you.


Hurricane Ian (September 2022) practically destroyed our house along with many others-we were left with a roof and walls. We were able to save a few belongings, but the house was stripped to the studs. After a slow rebuild of walls and floors, I walked into my house. I had prepared myself for something that no longer existed (except in my mind); but the shock and loss I experienced left me feeling hopeless and alone. At that moment, I heard in my spirit, “You are not alone.” I burst into tears because it was what I needed to hear, and because of the overwhelm of emotions I felt.

Over the past few days I had been thinking about the belongings we lost. I went to my neighbour’s house and retrieved what few belongings we had. As I went through the boxes, the memories came rushing back. I pulled out a shawl from a friend, it was something that was precious and I knew that God saved it for me. I pulled out some jewelry that I wanted to give to my granddaughter, I pulled out some toys from a trip to the beach with my granddaughter. There were other things that I thought that I lost forever that were saved. They may not have meant anything to anyone else, but for me, they were special. As I continued to pull out our belongings, I knew God put them away safely for me. I felt the tears come again and I heard “You are not alone.” 

I knew there was no point in asking, “Why did this have to happen God? You could have prevented it.” Maybe someday I will know the answer.

But in that time that I was all alone in the house, I know that God was with me and I was not alone. I also know that God is a God of restoration and He will restore what was lost.

This message came repeatedly and strongly, and I knew it was something God wanted me to share with you. You are not alone!

Something to Think About…

What do you do when you feel alone?

Has God shown you that you are not alone? In what ways?

Have you ever felt that God sent angels to help you out? What other verses discuss God and His angels?

God is a God of restoration. The verse in Joel is about restoration, what other verses show that God restores?

Personal Reflection

What catches your attention:  How does this apply to your life?  Look at other verses that apply to your life situation.

(Your journaling thoughts)

March 20, 2023

Never Tire of Doing Good

God Download

Never underestimate the power of a good deed. The world is crying out for good. Good brings light and hope to the world. You may feel that there is no point in doing good because it isn’t appreciated, it is old fashioned, or it doesn’t make a difference. It does make a difference!

Doing good is a surprise, it is unexpected and it lifts you and those you have touched with your goodness.

In the same way that anger and hatred can spread to others, goodness can spread as well. Anger and hatred will leave you empty, exhausted and sick.  Goodness will fill you with life, hope, joy and health in your body, spirit, and soul.

Galatians 6:9

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.

Galatians 5:22-23

 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.


We may view the world differently depending on the season we are in. If we happen to be in a season of rest, we may view the world as good or neutral. If we are in a season of blessing, the world looks good. If we are in a trial season or in a dark season, the world may look unwelcoming and unfriendly. 

As difficult as life can be, we are called to rise above our feelings and pettiness and do good. We are not to be led by our feelings, but by the nature of God. He is good; therefore He expects us to be good.

Every deed and word we sow in life will return to us in the form it is sown. So if we sow goodness, we can expect to get goodness in return.  In God’s economy, goodness is a power tool.

Something to Think About…

  • Is there any difference between goodness and kindness? If there is, what is it?
  • Why do you suppose the author of Galatians thought that we would get weary in doing good?
  • The author lists an order for the fruit of the spirit, do you think that the order of the fruit of the spirit must progress from love to self control, or do you think it jumps around? For example could you have the fruit of faithfulness before the fruit of kindness?

Personal Reflection

Focus on what catches your attention:  How does this study apply this to your life?

(Your journaling thoughts)

December 17, 2022

Why God Downloads?

“Your life is intentional, it is no accident. You have been brought into this world for My purpose.”

When I was young, I came across a series of books by Francis J. Roberts a Christian author who wrote godly inspired books, the most notable wasCome Away My Beloved.”

I gained much comfort from her books – they were written in a way that felt like God was speaking directly to me. I’ve read and reread them to the point where they are falling apart.

The messages were always timely and comforting. I was amazed that God could reveal himself to someone in that way, I longed for God to speak to me like that.

He did! God Downloads are what He has chosen to share with me and wants me to share with you. His messages to me have lifted me up and encouraged me when I was feeling down. They have inspired me and have given me wisdom.

I hope and pray that God touches your heart and mind through his thoughts and words in the same way that He has touched mine.


August 30, 2020

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