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What Are You Trying to Say? (Communicating Clearly)

In my last post, “Words Matter”, I discussed the impact of words on nature, physically, and on humans, emotionally, mentally, and physically. Since that post, I was reminded again that words matter to communicate clearly:

Words Matter

“Recognizing that words have consequences, that choices made by people in power can have a direct impact, not just on behaviours, but on our very institutions, is an important thing…What we choose to say, what we choose not to say, how we say it, has consequences.” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Canada, National Post, January 8,Continue reading “Words Matter”


According to the World Health Organization (WHO), burnout was first linked with helping professions in the mid-1970s. Burnout has broadened beyond helping professions to other industries today. Burnout is a syndrome that includes: emotional exhaustion, disillusionment, and withdrawal. Symptoms include low energy, chronic fatigue, weakness, weariness, increased susceptibility to illness, frequent headaches, nausea, muscle tension,Continue reading “BURNOUT”

A Mental Reset

I love this Chinese proverb because it says so much in so few words. It highlights the importance of what kind of light we shine in the world. What we put into our body and mind is what comes out, and what the world sees.

Email Etiquette

What does email etiquette have to do with leadership?  It  leaves an impression and shows your character. A 2013 study by Modeuro Consulting found that about 80% of email traffic is considered useless and only about 21.5% of emails get opened.

Leadership Seeds

By the time spring comes, most people are sick of winter.  We get to shed our winter boots, bulky coats and clothing, and the gloom of winter. We look forward to springtime. It’s a time when we are ready for sunshine and something new-a time of planting seeds (seedtime) and creating beauty.


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