Company Culture

If you are lucky enough to be someone’s employer, then you have a moral obligation to make sure people do look forward to coming to work in the morning.

JOhn MacKey, CEO, WHole Foods

The great resignation is happening.

Since last fall, people have been resigning in large numbers and it is becoming difficult to recruit talented and qualified staff.  Millennials are looking for more than a job that pays the bills. They are looking for a great fit within an organization that aligns with their values, and goals. This means that potential employees will want to know what they are walking into, and they may be doing their own reference checks.

The good news is that a great company culture will meet the organization’s goals, satisfy employees with work that makes a difference in a great environment, while increasing profits for the company.

What do your employees think about your company? Do they wake up and want to go to work, or are they counting the pensionable hours?

Culture starts at the top and trickles down. What is cultivated and tolerated, becomes the culture.

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

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