Leadership Moments

Leadership is a series of moments in life that defines our character and the impact we have on others in our corner of the world. A leadership moment is when we are intentional about what we say or do and that decision either builds or destroys. A moment like when:  

  • You told someone that they made your life better.
  • Someone told you that you made a difference in their life. 
  • You told or showed your staff or family how much you appreciated them.
  • You gave money to a stranger down on his luck, bought him lunch, or paid for his groceries, and…
    • didn’t tell everyone you knew what you did.

If you have given freely to others, then you know that you were both changed by the transaction-in that instant your caring made a difference, you showed that person that they mattered. Who knows, it could have changed their life or yours!

It is the little things we do in an instant, that add up over time that shape the decisions we make and the leaders we become.

I challenge you to build your legacy by taking and acknowledging leadership moments in yourself and others.

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Published by Diane Allen

Hi there, my name is Diane and welcome to my blog site! Leadership mindset is the mindset that embraces, vision, courage and action.

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