Clear out the clutter

There is something about cleaning out clutter. Some people are great at maintaining a clutter free life. I don’t know any of those people. I go through clutter free periods, but then the clutter builds again.

I always feel better after I’ve removed clutter.  I have a habit of saving things, just in case-you never know if you will need another wooden spoon. Another spoon? No problem I’ll just put it in the drawer with the other unwanted spoons and items from around my home.

The clutter bug reared its ugly head last week and I decided it was time get rid of some of the clutter. Here’s the thing though, for some reason I have trouble letting go of my stuff. I wish could let it go more easily, but I can’t.  My go to solution is to remove the clutter from my life in batches.  Before Christmas, my husband and I decided on what needed to go because it no longer had a place in our home. After checking with family first to see if they wanted anything, we put a bunch of things to the curb. In my neighborhood, if you put something to the curb that is in working order and usable, it will be picked up by someone and it was.

I didn’t want to put something else in a landfill, so I was glad my things found a new home. I also donated some things to a charitable organization.

Even though there are still some things that I will probably get rid of, I feel good about what I have done so far. I am comfortable in identifying and removing a little at a time.

This act of removing the clutter is not only a physical act, but a mental and symbolic one as well.  I am removing the old to make way for the new.  If I was Marie Kondo, I probably would have done radical surgery and just removed the lot.

Getting rid of those things that no longer matter, is my way of ringing in the new year!

Perhaps removing clutter isn’t your thing, but maybe you’ve postponed a decision, a conversation, or a dream, that you need to deal with before you can move on? Do you continue to hang on or do you let it go?

How will you welcome in the new year and say goodbye to the old year?

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