Be Deliberate: Make your Mind Up on Purpose

What do I mean by this?

We get to decide how to respond and act, by being deliberate about our choices.

Being deliberate and making up your mind on purpose, means that you have guiding principle(s) for how you live your life.

Emotionally intelligent leaders actively practice being deliberate about how they will react and respond. When they decide to do something, they don’t let distractions, setbacks, and noise get in the way-they focus on what matters, whether it is personal or professional.

What does being deliberate look like?

I will not automatically react to comments from… I will thank them for taking the time to think about … then I will reflect on what I was told and decide what to do after I have carefully considered the matter from all aspects.

I won’t be rushed into this decision, I  will decide if this fits in with my goals, direction, etc.

Today I will show kindness to someone

I will complete this task

I will eat healthy today to strengthen and fuel my body. I will crave healthy snacks.

I will…you decide!

Creating a New Mindset

Your character is revealed when you practice principle centered decision making and living, to guide your actions and reactions. It keeps you on course.

Being deliberate and deciding to do something on purpose works from the inside out.

When you decide to do something or act in a certain way and carry it out, you are creating a different mindset.  Actions follow thoughts, which can change the direction of your life. You become what you think and focus on.

Let’s say you want to be kinder; you decide on purpose that you will be kinder that day and set about taking actions that show kindness. You say thank you, please, that was thoughtful, that was helpful information, or you give money to someone who is homeless, or help someone in need, etc. Your action followed your decision. Apply this behavior consistently and it becomes part of your character.

What happened? You changed your thinking, created a new mindset, took action, and became what you deliberately set out to be.

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