Ego, Humility, and Words That Matter

I’m sorry

Forgive Me

I was wrong

Thank You

You are wonderful

Each of these phrases represents an act of humility that puts the other person first. Humility is hard for most of us because we have to set aside our ego, think about the other person, admit we are wrong, we messed up and we need help from others.

These phrases also represent acts of accountability, service, bravery and vulnerability that show that we are not perfect and a right relationship is more important than our ego. And…these simple words can remove the power struggle from the relationship by respecting and recognizing the value of the other person.

What is interesting about these phrases is that they empower both the giver and the receiver, but only if the the sentiments are sincere and backed by positive change. So for example if you keep apologizing for doing the same hurtful thing over and over again, but don’t change, are you really sorry….because your words don’t agree with your actions.

Know what matters, put aside your ego and make someone else’s day better!

Picture by Unknown Author, licensed under CC BY-NC-ND

Published by Diane Allen

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