Leaders Know Their Season

You can be a leader with or without a title.  What makes a great leader is good character.

It’s important for leaders to know their season at work, at home, and in the world. The different seasons in life challenge a leader’s character and ability to adapt to changing circumstances.

When I was thinking about this article, I was reminded of leadership advice from Glen Padassery.  I worked under his leadership for a short time, and felt his positive influence in the organization. Before he left for the organization, he presented his thoughts on what it was like to lead with character.

Here is an adapted version of his presentation:

  • Maintaining your character is a challenge, especially as you move up in management rank.
  • Who you work for is as important as the work you do!
  • Stay humble and open to change. Learn from your mistakes, as they will contribute to your growth and success.
  • Know your place. Not all moves are good ones, especially if you are not able to perform at that level, or don’t have the support system to succeed. Sometimes a lateral move, or a demotion, is better than a vertical move.
  • Be true to your values (family life, balance). Make them a part of your non-negotiables. You’ll regret it if you don’t.
  • Have the necessary and difficult conversations with the team, leadership, and others, to maintain harmony.
  • Be dependable, your word is your contract.  Don’t make the contract if you can’t deliver on it.
  • Your perspective changes depending on where you sit. The higher up you go, the bigger the view, the greater the responsibility, and the greater the risk. Seek mentorship.
  • With every jump in management level, you lose approachability. It’s hard for your peers and those under you in rank ,to see you as a person and not a title.


Change will happen with or without your cooperation, so know whether the season has changed, whether you can handle the change, and whether you are right for the season.

What are your thoughts on leadership and change?

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