Leadership Communication Basics: Setting the Context

Context helps to establish the meaning, the why, and roadmap for your discussion. First build the foundational understanding so that it will be easier to build support for your project. It will also ensure that everyone is talking about the same thing.

Powerful and Effective Leaders

Humility is a better predictor of performance and success than intelligence. Humble leadership means that you don’t believe your positive qualities and life achievements entitle you to special treatment from others and it doesn’t mean downplaying your strengths and achievements.

Leaders are Everyday Heroes Who Inspire

The world is looking for leaders that bring hope and inspire us to do better, be better, and make the world a better place. These kinds of leaders are more likely to achieve their goals or vision because they are able to bring others along on their journey. Are you the leader who inspires others?

Courage Part 2: What Will Others Think? Approval Addiction and People Pleasing

Worrying about what others think of us will affect our ability to be an effective leader, to be courageous, step out of of our comfort zone, and pursue our goals. People pleasing and approval addiction get in the way of: important work, sticking to your values and principles and making an impact.

Character – Courage

Leaders have courage. They face their fear by meeting it head on, by putting aside their emotions, and taking one step at a time to conquer fear. Otherwise it will derail them from their goals and vision. There are steps to overcome the fear and keep going. The more experience you get being courageous, the more fearless and courageous you become.