Get Organized to Improve Credibility and Reduce Stress

Organizing things is one of my ways of coping with stress and it is how I remain productive. Organization and time management skills are life skills that can be developed and maintained.  In this study, 67% of high school teachers surveyed, viewed having organizational skills as critical to student success. The same principles that prepareContinue reading “Get Organized to Improve Credibility and Reduce Stress”

Leaders Speak Differently – Speak Like a Leader

Leaders command a presence Leaders command a presence when they walk into a room. Is it the title they hold? Maybe? There are some people who command a room and don’t have a title.  Leaders hold themselves differently, they speak differently, and they act differently. What makes someone sound like a leader?

I am Pleased to Meet You!

93% of what you communicate is nonverbal. Only 7% of our communication is through words we speak. It can take as little as 1/10th of a second to make a first impression and can be difficult to change that impression. Align your verbal and nonverbal language to improve your leadership results. Make it a pleasure to meet you.

Leadership Communication Basics: Setting the Context

Context helps to establish the meaning, the why, and roadmap for your discussion. First build the foundational understanding so that it will be easier to build support for your project. It will also ensure that everyone is talking about the same thing.