Positive steps to creating a civilized workplace-Part Two

The impact: Building a case for a civilized workplace


In my last post, I described my experience in an uncivil work environment and the toll it took on me and the team. This series is largely about workplace incivility. However, incivility can happen at home, with family, friends, in the community, anywhere-the same issues and solutions apply.

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Positive steps to creating a civilized workplace – Part One

The setting

In case you didn’t recognize the image, it is Mr. Rogers. Mr. Rogers created Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, a children’s television show that stopped airing in 2001 The show epitomized civility. His gift to the world was to teach us to be kind and civil and see the best in one another.

Both civility and incivility are contagious. We get to decide which direction we will take.

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Perspective reminds me of a kaleidoscope.

A  kaleidoscope is:

1: an instrument containing loose bits of colored material (such as glass or plastic) between two flat plates and two plane mirrors so placed those changes of position of the bits of material are reflected in an endless variety of patterns

2: something resembling a kaleidoscope: such as

a: variegated changing pattern or scene a kaleidoscope of colors

b: a succession of changing phases or actions a kaleidoscope of changing fashions

When I was young, I looked inside a kaleidoscope and I remember how beautiful the patterns were when I turned it around. There was always something different to see.

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Reframing Failure

It’s time to re-frame failure. To avoid the word, people have tried to soften it by calling it a setback, major disruption, mistake, error in judgment, etc.  Use whatever word you like, it isn’t the word that is the problem, but how you interpret it, or personalize it. The stories  below are examples of how famous people have turned failure into success.

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Leading with an Attitude of Gratitude

Canadian Thanksgiving is coming this weekend. The word thanksgiving is a great word, because it is a reminder to take some time to be thankful for what we have, and for those who love and appreciate us. It can be tough though, because it is a habit that needs to be developed through practice.

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Sometimes you need a cheerleader

Whether you are in the trenches, at the top of the organization, at home, or in the community, sometimes you need a cheerleader.

A cheerleader is:

  • An enthusiastic and vocal supporter of someone or something, to encourage you to reach your goal, win a point, lift your spirits when you are feeling down, and support you.
  • Someone who is going to help boost your confidence by reinforcing all the things that you’ve achieved and are good at. They may tell others about how awesome you are.
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Seasons of Relationships

I love the above sentiment because it reminds me that we have different seasons in our relationships much the same way as we have seasons in our life. Knowing the season of the relationship may help us understand and cope better when the relationship ends, but it doesn’t necessarily change the way we approach the relationship.

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Relationship Capital and Influence

What is it and how does it work?

I was listening to an interview, and the term relationship capital came up. It was explained as the opportunities that present themselves in the relationship without ulterior motives attached to the relationship, 


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